First Spectrum : Vega with Star Analyser 100

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Image de Vega

Because i have to start with something, for my first spectrum i chose a very bright star, Vega (Alpha Lyrae), the brightest star in the Lyra constellation.

Spectre de Vega - StarAnalyser 100
Vega Spectrum- StarAnalyser 100 – SC800 Celestron – ASI 120MM

Even if the resolution is not very high, we can see the Balmer series spectral lines for the hydrogen atom (Hꭤ à Hε). Theses lines corresponding to the transitions from quantum states to the state of level n = 2.

Série spectrale de Balmer pour l’atome d’Hydrogène. Crédit Stellartrip
Balmer’s spectral series for hydrogen atom. Crédit Stellartrip

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