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The galaxy M82 appears to be an oasis of flaming matter that any astronomer has come to contemplate. Let’s take a few moments to take a look at this fascinating star-forming galaxy …


You will find all the photos taken in the Astrophoto gallery. Each photo is accompanied by a caption indicating the shooting parameters. High resolution versions are also available on the Flickr account accessible at the bottom of the page.

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This paper presents an introduction on the use of the Python language for astronomy and spectroscopy to perform rapid spectrum analysis of the gam Cas star.

In astronomy, the processing of spectroscopic data is a relatively repetitive action. When we say repetitive, we mean theoretically automatable. In this article, I propose you to try a quick and code-free approach of this automation.

One of the important steps in processing raw data in spectroscopy in wavelength calibration. The SCCN Model helps the astronomer in this step with an AI.

SpecBok is a Python script using the Bokeh library to generate interactive web spectra from FITS files. Recently, i set a web version…

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