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On this this page, you will find the links of the compiles versions for MacOS and Linux of SpecINTI and SpecINTI Editor developed by C. Buil and V. Desnoux.

To have all the informations on the software, their launching, usages and configurations, you have to go on the official page of the project at this address : http://www.astrosurf.com/solex/specinti.html

Be careful, dont forget to backup your configuration files folder before install new SpecINTI’s version

Liste List of compiled versions (unix like) online

SpecINTI Editor
MacOS (>= Monterey)1.3.1

(core SpecINTI 2.1.0)
MacOS (Big Sur)1.2.1https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_editor_bigsur_dmg.zip
MacOS (Sierra)1.2.1https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_editor_sierra_dmg.zip
Linux (ubuntu x86_64) EN version1.3.7https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_editor_en_1_3_7_ubuntu_x86_64.zip(core SpecINTI 2.5.0)
Current version of SpecINTI Editor (dmg) compiled online with download links
SpecINTI (core without interface)
MacOS (>= Monterey)2.1.0

MacOS (Big Sur)1.2.1https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_bigsur.zip
MacOS (Sierra) 1.2.1https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_sierra.zip
Linux (Debian/Ubuntu x86_64)2.5.0https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_2_5_0_ubuntu_x86_64.zip
Raspberry Pi (Ubuntu ARMv8) FR1.2.1https://stellartrip.net/spec/specinti_rpi_ubuntu_armv8.zip
Current version of SpecINTI compiled for MacOS and Linux online with download links.

Header image source : Patrik Michalicka – Unplash 

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